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This LP was recorded at the Li'l Wally studio in Miami Beach Florida. For the recording Wally brought together some of the top names in the Polka field for a "let's play from the heart" recording. The musicians were: LI"L WALLY - drums & vocal, MARION LUSH - trumpet & vocals, ED GUCA - clarinet, sax & vocals, RON MARCISSUK - concertina, JAMES RYNIEC - clarinet & trumpet, PAUL STANCZYK - trumpet and RAY PAUL - piano.


SIDE 1                                                                       SIDE 2

1. MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW-Polka                    1. BABY CELEBRATION

2. GREAT MUSICIANS - Polka                                  2. I LOOKED FOR YOU

3. TELL ME WHOSE GIRL ARE YOU                        3. JOHNNIE'S KNOCKING - Polka

4. YOU TOLD ME YOU CARE                                   4. TAK MI SMUTNO


6. KRAKOW -Polka

Li'l Wally - America's Greatest Polka Band - LP (J5151)

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  • Li'l Wally - America's Greatest Polka Band - LP (J5151)

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