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Most of the songs on this LP were created or arranged while the band was touring in Poland in 1977. The fiddles are featured on "POLKA MEDLEY", "POZNANSKI" and PAPA & HIS FIDDLE: PT. 2". The novelty number "BUBBLE GUM" was very popular for if you stood in front of the band, you could catch a free piece of bubble gum. The musicians on this LP are: ED GUCA (trumpet, sax, clarinet, violin, vocals), TIM ROHAl (bass, vocals, synthesizer), RON ZIMNICKI (concertina), GUY ROBINSON (drums), TONY ASKIELANIEC (trumpet), RICHARD OSTARZ (accordion) and LUCY FARBOTKO (bass). In addition, special thanks to JOHN ROHAL and ANDY STEFURA for there violin work on Papa and His Fidde: Part 2.


SIDE 1                                              SIDE 2

1. POLKA MEDLEY - Polka               1. PAPA AND HIS FIDDLE: PART 2

2. POLAND LONG AGO - Polka       2. POZNANSKI - Oberek

3. POD OKNEM - Waltz                    3. VACATION TIME - pOLKA

4. GAY TIMES - Oberek                     4. LOVE - Waltz

5. TATUSIU - Polka                             5. BUBBLE GUM - Polka

From Poland With Love - LP

  • From Poland With Love -  LP  (R 504)

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