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This is the second album of Ed Guca's Polish Canadians on the Ram record label.  Seven of the songs are traditional Polish that have never been forgotten.  Three original songs by Ed Guca are; "OUR MUSIC FOREVER", "PO STARO KRAJSKU" and "PAPA AND HIS FIDDLE" which features brilliant violin work by Stan and Rick Malkiewicz.


SIDE 1                                                     SIDE 2

1. PAPA AND HIS FIDDLE - Polka           1. OUR MUSIC FOREVER - Polka

2. PO STARO KRAJSKU - Polka              2. LOVESICK - Polka

3. YOU'RE NOT TRUE TO ME - Oberek  3. GREEN FOREST - Waltz

4. SUNSET - Polka                                   4. FIDDLIN' AROUND - Polka

5. PLAY FIDDLES PLAY - Polka               5. AT A POLISH WEDDING - Polka    

Fiddlin' Around With Polkas - LP

  • Fiddlin' Around With Polkas - LP  (R502)

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