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This project was recorded and mixed under the auspices of Li'l Wally. His encouragement and advice inspired reflection and revision. Li'l Wally Jagiello's interpretations of Polish music are the foundation for the contemporary Polka sound. He created a unique style that evolved into the Polka music that North America listens and dances to today. This CD takes you back to the roots of Polka music.

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Tribute To Li'l Wally - CD

  • Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians - Tribute To Li'l Wally CD   P2002


    1.  Oberek Malego Wladzia

    2.  Our Break up - Polka

    3.  Dalej Powedrowal - Polka

    4.  Zegnal Goral - Polka

    5.  Stara Baba - Oberek

    6.  Jedzie Kochaneczek - Polka

    7.  Z Laczki Na Laczke - Polka

    8.  W Tym Gaiku - Polka

    9.  Grajcie Muzykanci - Polka

    10. Angry Lover - Polka

    11. Lucky Stop - Walc

    12. Pada Deszczyk - Polka

    13. Janino - Polka

    14. On Our Wedding - Polka

    15. Z Gory Jedz - Polka

    16. Co Mam Zrobic - Walc

    17. Opowiesz Kochanka - Polka

    18. Nasz Polski Papierz - Polka

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