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This brand new musical compilation features original and traditional songs that will get your hands clappin' and toes tappin'.  The songs "RUMBA DYNA" and "UCIEKALA" were inspired from Toronto's White Eagle song & dance ensemble. Five original numbers are "CIGARETTES AND WHISKEY", "OCZY DLA CIEBIE", "SAMOLOT", "THREE ROSES", and "OJ WINA" The lyrics for Cigarettes and Whiskey were composed by drummer Joe Banel. "KALINA W LESIE" was recorded in a big band style reminiscent  of Toronto's Joe Jedraski orchestra but with a Guca influence. In "NA WOJENCE", a boy and girl discuss their love for one another during wartime. Ed's daughter Karen and Brian Tos sing this exciting new version. "THE GUCA HITS" contain many of the top songs that have made the Polish Canadians popular over the last 50 years.

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Still Playin' Polkas - CD

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  • Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians - Still Playin' Polkas CD P2004


    1.  RUMBA DYNA - Polka

    2.  UCIEKALA - Polka


    4.  NA WOJENCE - Polka

    5.  KALINA W LESIE - Polka

    6.  SAMOLOT - Waltz

    7.  OCZY DLA CIEBIE - Polka

    8.  DZIEWCZYNA - Waltz

    9.  ANDZIU - Polka

    10. THREE ROSES - Polka

    11 OJ WINA - Oberek

    12. THE GUCA HITS - Polka

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