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Throughout this album, you will experience the many styles of the Guca sound. Traditional songs such as Rano Rano & White Table are given new life with fresh arrangements.The influence of Li'l Wally can be heard in Pod Mostem and Night After Night and the roots of Poland are represented in the classic songs Tylko We Lwowie & Czarne Oczy.  Ed Guca has composed many songs and this CD features 5 exciting new creations. Corka is arranged in a big band style. Niebieskie Oczy brings back the Guca sound of the 1970's. Raise Your Glasses features Guitars for an inviting contemporary sound to Polkas. Niech Sie Gra & Only A Minute round out the last 2 originals. Z Tamtej Strony features vocals by Jerzy Krzeminski, the leader of the famous Polish rock group No To Co. Sing and dance along "Raise Your Glasses" and Let The Music Play ("Niech Sie Gra").

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Raise Your Glasses - CD

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  • Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians - Raise Your Glasses CD P2003


    1.  Niech Sie Gra - Polka

    2.  Rano Rano - Oberek

    3.  Raise Your Glasses - Polka

    4.  Only A Minure - Walc

    5.  Z Tamtej Strony - Polka

    6.  Tylko We Lwowie - Walc

    7.  Czarne Oczy - Walc

    8.  Na Polskiej Zabawie - Polka

    9.  Night After Night - Walc

    10. Pod Mostem - Polka

    11. Niebieskie Oczy - Polka

    12. Corka - Walc

    13. White Table - Polka


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