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This is the first recording by Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians recorded March 30, 1971.  It contains the original version of the hit song "EJ MAMUSIU MOJA" which has become the signature song of the band. The LP has 9 original songs by Ed Guca and 1 traditional number. The musicians are: Ed Grzesik (accordion), Ed Oles (trumpet), Lornie Yacyshyn (trumpet), Stan Malkiewicz (bass), Ron Zimnicki (concertina), Dave Walden (piano), Ed Humeniuk (drums, vocals) and Ed Guca (sax, clarinet, vocals)

Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians - LP

  • Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians - LP  Ram 501


    SIDE A                                             

    1. DAY OF THE FESTIVAL-Polka     

    2. IRENE-Polka                                

    3. THREE ROSES-Waltz                 

    4. T.O. GO GO-Polka                       



    SIDE B

    1. EJ MAMUSIU MOJA-Polka

    2. THE END OF LOVE-Waltz

    3. AIRPLANE RIDE-Polka


    5. THE TENTH-Oberek



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