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This is the last LP The Polish Canadians recorded at Bel-Aire studio in Chicago. It contains 2 songs composed and sung by The Polish Canadian's concertina player Ron (Li'l Ronnie) Zimnicki; "SEVEN & SEVEN", and "THE GIRL I LOVE". An original song by Ed Guca on the LP is "OD WIOSKI DO WIOSKI".


SIDE 1                                                      SIDE 2

1. PADA DESZCZYK - Polka                     1. JA I WDOWA - Polka

2. OD WIOSKI DO WIOSKI - Polka          2. PLAY GYPSY PLAY - Waltz

3. IN A SMALL VILLAGE - Waltz              3. THE GIRL I LOVE - Polka

4. HOSA DYNA - Polka                            4. OD KRZACZKA DO KRZACZKA - Oberek

5. SEVEN & SEVEN - Oberek                   5. LET US ENTERTAIN YOU - Polka

Let Us Entertain You - LP

$9.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
  • Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians - Let Us Entertain You LP  B4050

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