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The first and only CD recorded by Ed Guca & Major Music with an assortment of Polish style music featuring Disco Polo, Tango, Latin, Slow, Polka, Oberek and Waltz. The CD also contains a recording of the Wedding March (Marsz Weselny) which was played at all Polish Weddings as guests entered the banquet hall. 

Special web page introduction price for a limited time.

Ed Guca & Major Music - Dance Do Rana - CD (P2001)

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$9.99Sale Price
  • Ed Guca & Major Music - Dance Do Rana CD P2001


    1.  Zegnal Goral

    2.  Jade z Cyganami

    3.  Taka Mala

    4.  Dance Mularze

    5.  Wisniowy Sad

    6.  Polka Goralska

    7.  Grajcie Mi Skrzypce - Oberek

    8.  Tanczymy Lambadala

    9.  Watchin' The Sun

    10. Nie Zen Sie

    11. Isabella

    12. Daj Mi Te Noc - Tango

    13. Walce Ulubione

    14. Marsz Weselny

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