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Updated: Apr 10, 2018

For too long of a time those of us who enjoy polka music had neglected to bestow proper honor and recognition to performers, deejays, and others who have rendered years of faithful service to the polka entertainment industry. Through the years there was considerable discussion and research among our polka leaders to formulate an institution that would honor deserving polka personalities. Although there always was complete agreement as to the purpose and objectives of such an institution, there also existed the reluctance of any group to accept the challenge and responsibility.

To rectify this omission of duty, the delegates to the 1968 International Polka Convention voted and approved the establishment of the Polka Music Hall of Fame. The institution of the Hall of Fame serves to honor outstanding polka personalities who have made significant contributions to the advancement and promotion of polka music. After many months of research and development, the much talked about and long overdue Polka Music Hall of Fame became a living reality. The following year Frankie Yankovic and Li’l Wally Jagiello became the first Hall of Famers elected. They were honored in Chicago at a banquet and special installation ceremony.

The Polka Music Hall of Fame is administered by a twelve member Board of Trustees. A Trustee from the State of Texas was recently added. Recipients of this coveted honor are determined by the votes of an academy of over 180 qualified electors. Each year they elect two prominent living polka personalities and one deceased polka personality, who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement and promotion of polka music. Another personality is elected in the pioneer category. Candidates must have been actively engaged in the polka field for a minimum of twenty years. They are selected from all sections of the United States and Canada regardless of ethnic origin, locality or style preference of polka music. In conjunction with the Polka Music Hall of Fame, the IPA also presents the annual Polka Music Awards for the favorite performers of the year.

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